Coppelia wears ….?

Coppelia! Offbeat is performing a variation of Coppelia in early October! I love costumes. I love sewing. When I started teaching ballet I focused on being the best teacher I could for my students, and never dreamed of my students performing.

Yet, in Offbeat’s recent holiday program the wonderful Jacinta (Repertoire and pointe teacher) taught us a dance from Coppelia – the bit where Swanilda is pretending to be the doll Coppelia brought to life and does a Spanish dance.

Given Jacinta’s extensive experience dancing in commercial and corporate situations, as well as competitions, I’ll be asking her for costume advice. And Sev of De la Plage is a real costume enthusiast, so I’ll run my ideas past her, too. It’ll be quite the adventure to be putting together our Coppelia outfits.

Much fun!

And so, taking a look at what’s been done before…

It appears to be a tradition that Swanilda, the village girl and star of the show, wears pink. Coppelia, the doll, and Swanilda when pretending to be Coppelia tends to wear a sky blue.

July 2014 – Dress Rehearsal for English National Ballet’s Coppélia at the London Coliseum Coppélia / Swanilda – Shiori Kase Franz – Yonah Acosta

Related image

I love those points on her tutu!

This next is a Dutch production, and Coppelia is uber-sassy! I wonder if Danceworld can find us white socks that long eh?! and we could use this info here to colour our shoes white.

From Cairo is this delicate lightest blue pancake tutu. I adore the colour, but I just don’t think even my healthy body self esteem can come at wearing a pancake tutu, so I’ll just look and enjoy.


Frilly and frothy and lacy, this is the Australian Ballet’s 2016 take on her. Love the headgear too! Our audiences certainly won’t miss us if we wore something similar.


Dancewear by Patricia‘ that circular trim would look very speccie with all the pirrouettes in the variation.

Coppelia Peasant Dress - Dancewear by Patricia

Found on this blog, floral trim. I rather like it. I like the length too. Short and sweet, but not pancake.


Stripes on the bodice from the Vienna Festival Ballet, again I think they’d look great with those turns in the choreography. I also like the two-toned effect, the floofy sleeves and the simple ribbon choker.


Well, I’ve had some fun scouring the web for Coppelia costumes, but in reality, our costumes will be a combination of what I can find at my Danceworld Darwin, at my trusty local Spotlight store, and what I can pull off as a seamstress.

What strikes me about all these costumes is an element of fun. Each one has something a bit funky and fun, from the Dutch sass, to the Aussie Ballet’s ridiculously big headgear. I’ll definitely be adding in some fun of our own to Offbeat’s Coppelia costumes!

Oh, and where can you see our Coppelia performance? At the end of term 3 (beginning of October) Offbeat is hosting a Soiree where students are able to perform in an informal, friendly setting. There’ll be a selection of other kinds of performing arts as well as a high(ish) tea. Stay tuned for further details.

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