Goals for beginner dancers Pt 2

Following on from Part 1, I’ve been looking at my own motivation for joining a dance class in the different styles I’ve done. What are my own goals for starting a dance class?

It comes down to the music, and a desire to understand better how to express myself within that music. From the complex rhythms of bellydancing music, to the driving rhythms of Irish music and Flamenco, I really just want to understand better how I could move to the music.

Image result for flamenco dance class

Ballet, too, falls into this category. I was brought up on ‘classical’ music, growing up it was my Normal Music. Once I realised ballet was developed to dance to, and with, that kind of music I was hooked. So for me it comes down to the music. Dancing is the only way I can really express what the music is doing to me. I can sing, I can play the violin, but neither of those express music for me in the way dance does.

The reasons why anyone dances need to be intensely personal, and very strong. Dance is too much hard work to do if you don’t absolutely love it. The goals in taking ballet classes need to be personal and relevant to the individual student.

There are a few other reasons I dance though:

  • I’m totally not into exercise. It’s boring as hell. I won’t do it. I’m lucky something I love keeps me reasonably fit. Given my health issues, and that I’m on some heavy-duty meds for the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that do nasty things to my blood sugars and metabolism, to not exercise isn’t an option.
  • A slightly different issue is that it keeps me strong. I’m very flexible, which looks speccie when you’re doing grand battements (high kicks), sure, but my joints aren’t supported too well by my ligaments. That’s painful. Muscles with well-balanced strength counteracts this and I get less pain.
  • I get a full-on endorphin kick. Something not to be sneezed at!
  • Dancing is social, and I love being with other people, especially those who are doing what they love while I’m doing what I love. Lots of love there! And sharing of that love.
  • It comes with gorgeous costumes. Here, enjoy some eye candy!

Sadie Marquardt -I love this costume!

waltz of the flowers nutcracker costumeImage result for flamenco dance

But fundamentally, these reasons are convenient and I could get them in a lot of other ways than dancing. None of them get to the heart of why I dance. Why do I dance? Because when I’m dancing I feel… I just … feel.


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