Just for fun …

Fun dance memes!

First a few perfectly sensible ones. Like this one – come and learn ballet, she said. It’d be fun, she said!
Pinterest: princess_ralu:

Add to your vocabulary…

@ northern.lightz uses #PicLabHD to curate a charming feed featuring unique words and their definitions. @PicLabApp makes it easy to design beautiful inspirational typography:

The really tough stuff…

....... :(:

My dance teacher says I have to wear my hair in a bun cause my hair's so long and thick and I can't spot:

Dance Problems:

Dancing truths:

RIGHT NOW. No class in over 2 weeks...and i still have 2 more before I can get back into things!:

Every Monday, and Tuesday, and Wednesday, and Thursday, and Friday, and Saturday, and Sunday...:

The good feelings…

Little Dance Things I still have mine comment I you have yours too:

Especially after preformances:
Little Dance Things-then going back to normal life and just feeling normal again...*sigh*:

and then right after I get so excited that I trip and fall on my face which holds up the rest of the line which makes the class go over by 5 min and the teachers just like never mind:


Some philosophy…

funny newspaper corrections | thanks to dance # dance # dancer # dancers: 20. Favorite hobby activity that makes me get lost for hours ............DANCE:

All these years I had never thought of this but on reflection it’s very true…Very true..if its your passion, it will be something you do everyday...if its not, then you won't!:

I really love this one!

Everything in "thanks-to-dance" pins is basically my life. :D:

Last but not least…

Keep Calm & Point Your Toes!  Get some new dance attire or take some dance lessons at Loretta's in Keego Harbor, MI!  If you'd like more information just give us a call at (248) 738-9496 or visit our website www.lorettasdanceboutique.com!:


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