Student Profile: Ma’at Farandel

Another student profile! Ma’at Farandel Experience in ballet: 4 months Previous movement experience: extensive training in tip-chasey and hide-and-go-seek with fellow Offbeat Ballet student Sobek Fowler (to be profiled soon). A dedicated and chillingly effecting hunter. Because she seems constitutionally incapable of obeying the law and not killing native wildlife, she’s confined inside, and now… Continue reading Student Profile: Ma’at Farandel

The outtakes – what I learnt from them

Last week my friend and student Anne-Marie and I went to Casuarina Coastal Reserve at sunset to do some dance photography on the beach. All photos are of me, and were taken by Anne-Marie De Zylva What I learnt about dance photography, in no particular order: There are a lot of photos that don’t look… Continue reading The outtakes – what I learnt from them