Student Profile: Droopy Fowler

I thought it might be nice to do profiles of some of my students, so here goes…


Droopy Fowler

Experience in ballet: 6 months

Previous movement experience: 6 months in puppy training school 12 yrs ago; reluctantly going on long walks on the beach; extensive experience sleeping on her lounge chair.

Droopy started ballet 6 months ago. At first, unused to a class setup – puppy training was a long time ago – she was generally quite reticent, although she did make sure she fiercely barked at politely greeted her fellow students on arrival. In spite of her shyness, she determinedly kept trying to join in, especially during the warm-up and cool down phase of the lesson.

Before long, she became one of my most popular students, and is now not only outgoing and friendly to her classmates, but will also do her best to join in the more advanced movements such as Ronde de Jambe, fondue and Grande Battement.

She excels at the long extensions of the spine, and when doing stretching and port de bra her body falls naturally into a beautiful line most other dancers can only dream of.

Droopy loves having her photo taken and will happily pose for the camera, presenting her best angles and happiest expression.


Droopy working hard on remembering a combination

Droopy relaxing after all her hard work in class

2 thoughts on “Student Profile: Droopy Fowler

  1. Such a joy to see! Delightful Droopy, she is such fun to practise with, in fact I’m quite sure she was attempting to master the tippy toes for pirouette this eve. The ‘dance for my supper’ move. 😊


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